Pre-discharge Education

Once you’ve filed your bankruptcy, before it can be discharged, you’ll need to complete a pre-discharge debtor education program.

The debtor education program, Your Next Move, takes two hours to complete. It can be done entirely on the internet through guided self-study and a series of online quizzes. Or, you can download a printed version of the course (PDF) and follow up with a 30-minute telephone assessment with one of our counselors.

Once you’ve completed the program, we’ll provide you a certificate of completion necessary for discharging your bankruptcy.

The fee for the online program is $35 for a single person or $50 for a married couple completing the program together.

The fee to complete the program via telephone rather than online is $50. Telephone education sessions are conducted for one user at a time. A married couple choosing to complete the education via telephone rather than online will have two separate sessions at a cost of $50 each.

If you are unable to pay this fee, you may be eligible to have it waived.