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These checklists and charts can help you organize your finances. Just download, print, and fill them out.
Baby Budget Checklist
Having a baby is a time filled with happiness and warm thoughts of the future. To best prepare yourself financially for your new arrival, it can help to create a separate budget just for the increased expenses baby will bring. Below is a list of expense and considerations you will want to factor in should you decide to create a baby budget to take the stresses out of making ends meet the first year.
Car Comparison Chart
Next to buying a house, a car is the most expensive purchase that the majority of people make. That is why it is a good idea to do some comparison shopping before you buy. You can use this chart to help you remember the features of each car you look at.
Car Selling Checklist
Selling a vehicle can be a fun experience. Yes, you read that right. You can actually enjoy the process of preparing, marketing and closing the deal on your automobile. The best way to make sure you have a good time finding your car’s next owner is to make sure you understand the entire process, from starting line to finish. Use the step-by-step guide below to put yourself on the winner’s stand.
Credit Card Search Checklist
Choosing a credit card solely based on who sends you an application is usually not a good way to find the best card. To find the right card, first think about how you will use it and what features matter the most. Then, research and compare several cards to see which one has what you are looking for. You can use this checklist to record the features of each card.

Divorce Financial Information Checklist
One way to bring at least a small measure of order to the often chaotic process of divorce is to properly prepare yourself for the financial transition. A divorce attorney and Certified Divorce Financial Analysts can help guide you through this confusing time, but you will do yourself a big favor by gathering the necessary information and staying organized. Keeping a folder of the vital information listed below—whether electronically or in paper form—should make navigating all the required paperwork and decision-making less stressful.
Estate Planning Checklist
Taking care of your estate planning details now is a way of creating an easier future for your loved ones and giving yourself peace of mind. While you can hire an attorney to guide you through the process, you also have the option of using free online tools or checking out books from the public library to steer you through the necessary steps.
First Job Financial Checklist
That first paycheck you ever get can fill you with tremendous feelings of pride and the great joy of new possibilities. But it can also create the nagging feeling that you may not be fully prepared to manage that money in the best way possible. The following is a guide to establishing a framework for your financial life that will have your money working the hardest for you.
Goal Chart for Children
Seeing how close they are to their goals can make saving more exciting for children. Place the chart in a visible location, like the refrigerator.

Home Search Checklist
If you are planning to buy a house, you can use this checklist during your home search to help you remember the features of each property. Fill out one checklist per home.
Loan Decline Next Steps Checklist
It’s one of the most crushing moments in your financial life: despite feeling like you had all your ducks in a row and you were the perfect candidate, you got turned down for a loan. Car loan…home loan…personal loan, it doesn’t matter. The shock and embarrassment is the same.
Making the Most of Your Lump Sum Checklist
Whether it is from an inheritance, an insurance settlement or some other source, receiving a lump sum of cash can open up a lot of financial possibilities. Follow these steps to help make sure you will end up feeling like you got the most you could out of your windfall.
Mortgage Application Documentation Checklist
Are you planning to apply for a mortgage? Preparing the documents you may need to provide ahead of time can help ensure the process proceeds quickly and smoothly.
Newly Married Financial Checklist
One of the most exciting things about being a newlywed is thinking of the life you will be able to build and enjoy with your spouse. To put yourself in the best position to create that wonderful future together, it’s vital to begin creating your financial plan as soon as possible. This how-to guide shows you ways to use the early days of your marriage as a springboard to years and years of financial bliss ahead.
Personal Financial Information Organizer
Organizing your personal financial information can make it easier for someone to take over your affairs in the event of your death or incapacitation. Once completed, give this form to the person who will manage your finances if you are not able to do so, such as your spouse, child, or lawyer.
Property Inventory Checklist
If your home burned down and you needed to submit an insurance claim, would you be able to remember all of your possessions and their cost? Why wonder? You can use this checklist to make an inventory of your belongings. Keep it in a safe place, where it will not be destroyed if a fire or other disaster occurs. For valuable purchases, you may also want to save the receipt.
Ready to Look for a Home Checklist
One of the most common questions for potential homebuyers is, “How do I know when I’m ready?” While different people have different levels of comfort with preparedness, there are several key steps that are always a good idea to check off your list before beginning your search in earnest.
Rental Inspection Checklist
This checklist can be used to note any damages in the apartment before you move in. Since how much of the security deposit you get back when moving out is dependent on the apartment's condition, doing this can help you avoid being penalized for something you did not cause. It is recommended that you do the walk through with the landlord and take pictures of any defects.
Rental Search Checklist
Are you looking for a place to rent? Renting may not involve the same commitment as owning, but visiting and comparing different places before deciding where to live is still beneficial. You can use this checklist to help you remember the features of each apartment you look at.
Retirement Planning Checklist
Getting your finances ready for retirement should be a fun exercise. After all, you’re planning to have a relaxing time full of exciting activities. But sometimes the enormity of it and the plentitude of changing variables can make seem anything but enjoyable. This checklist is designed to help you focus on the positive aspects of planning your golden years. As you complete the tasks for your timeframe, look back over the previous period’s suggestions to see if you need to re-do or update any of those steps.
Selling Your Home Checklist
Part of taking control of your financial situation is understanding the things you can affect and focusing your energy on raising the bar in those areas. You can’t control the housing market, but you can make sure you put yourself in position to sell your home quickly and at the best price available. Use the below directions to get the most from your home sale.
Surviving Child Financial Checklist
When a parent passes, the loss of a loved one can be made more difficult with the weight of trying to organize the financial affairs of the departed. This checklist is meant to give you a plan for handling the decisions that need to be made and the issues that need to be resolved for your parent.
Surviving Spouse Financial Checklist
Losing a spouse brings a flood of emotions that can make tasks like managing financial obligations seem almost impossible. This checklist is designed to help those dealing with this challenging time to keep the process organized and to make the next financial steps as easy to understand as possible.
Used Car Ad Checklist
IBuyer confidence is maybe the biggest obstacle in selling a used car on your own. Anyone looking to buy a pre-owned vehicle can go to a used car lot and get a car that has been checked over by the company’s mechanic. They can also get a very nice list of the car’s pertinent details and maybe even a warranty.
Used Car Test Drive Checklist
It’s standard practice to test drive a vehicle before you buy it. But do you know what to look, listen, smell and feel for? This checklist gives you a complete, step-by-step list of everything you will want to know about a vehicle to make sure it is going to meet your needs

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