CCCS-SF Joins in National Consumer Protection Week

February 2, 2004 – Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco (CCCS-SF) joins federal, state and local agencies, and national advocacy organizations to launch the sixth annual National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW), Feb. 1-7, 2004, highlighting consumer protection and education efforts around the country. This year's theme, "Financial Literacy: Earning a Lifetime of Dividends," focuses on the skills consumers need to make smart decisions in the marketplace and ensure a solid financial future.

"Financial literacy is critical for all consumers," says Joanne Budde, President of CCCS-SF. "Whether shopping for groceries, applying for a mortgage, comparing retirement or health insurance plans, or deciding how much of an allowance to give your child, every financial decision has some impact on your quality of life."

In October 2003, the Federal Trade Commission and Internal Revenue Service issued an alert to caution consumers about abusive credit counseling services. For trustworthy credit counseling services, consumers are urged to contact National Foundation for Credit Counseling members, such as CCCS-SF. For half a century, NFCC members have provided high quality consumer education programs on proper money management and the wise use of credit.

"All credit counseling agencies are not created equal," said Consumer Federation of America (CFA) legislative director Travis Plunkett. "CFA urges consumers to avoid agencies that charge high up-front fees and that aggressively push credit card consolidation plans. Instead, consumers should look for agencies that carefully evaluate their financial situation, while offering a variety of educational and counseling options at reasonable fees."

During NCPW, representatives from federal, state and local agencies and national advocacy organizations will help consumers of all ages understand how the decisions they make in the marketplace affect their overall fiscal fitness.

"CCCS-SF is proud to be a partner in the sixth annual National Consumer Protection Week campaign," said Budde. "After thirty-five years helping consumers become financially fit, we know the importance of money management education."

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