CCCS-SF Supports California Financial Literacy Month

March 29, 2005 – With the average household consumer debt hovering at $8,400 and a new bankruptcy law that will make starting over tougher, more Americans than ever need to know how to handle their finances. To make sure everyone has the right tools and information, Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco (CCCS-SF), a nonprofit financial resource center, is supporting Financial Literacy Month by highlighting their educational programs.

To raise the public’s awareness about the need for saving, investing, and credit education opportunities, April has been designated Financial Literacy Month by the California Legislature. So people know where to receive help, federal, state and local agencies, and national advocacy organizations have been encouraged to promote their services this month.

CCCS-SF supports the effort because they see so many people in dire financial circumstances who have waited until they are in crisis before seeking assistance. To reach people both before and after problems emerge, the agency provides such free educational services as financial counseling sessions, money management and housing workshops, a website with over 80 consumer and financial articles, a monthly email newsletter, and a toll-free Information line for immediate personal finance support. Low cost programs include a Debt Management Plan and a credit report review service.

Being financially literate is particularly important to those who wish to become homeowners. “Most people have home purchase as their ultimate goal, and that can’t be achieved without knowing the basics of personal finance,” says Rick Harper, Vice President of CCCS-SF. “Through our Housing Education Program, individuals and families not only learn to manage their money and get out of debt, but can get a blueprint for how to become a successful homeowner.”

"We are proud to share the message of financial literacy," said Harper. "Our goal is to provide consumers with information so they can realize their dreams."

Since 1969, CCCS-SF has been helping Americans manage their money, repay debt, and achieve and maintain homeownership. They can be reached by calling (800) 777-7526, or online at:

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