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April 23, 2007
Homeownership Preservation Foundation Sees Significant Jump in Calls from Homeowners Facing Foreclosure; Foundation Adds Fifth Counseling Partner in Efforts to Counsel Homeowners

March 26, 2007
Defaults/Foreclosures Up; CCCS-SF Steps In: Non-profit Helps Panicked Homeowners with Options and Strategy

January 31, 2006
CCCS of San Francisco Selected to provide bankruptcy Counseling: Local Non-profit Approved by U.S. Trustees to Counsel/Educate Bankruptcy Filers

March 29, 2005
CCCS-SF Supports California Financial Literacy Month

February 14, 2005
87% of Delinquent Borrowers Kept Home With Counseling, Review Finds

June 3, 2004
CCCS of San Francisco Supports National Homeownership Month with Housing Counseling Services

May 5, 2004
Borrowers Advised to Not "Settle" for Less CCCS-SF Urges People to Know Rights, Use Established Nonprofits for Help

April 20, 2004
CCCS-SF Commends Credit Counseling Investigations
Light Shed on Poor Practices Separates Good Agencies From Bad

April 15, 2004
Plan Now for Tax Bill Later, Suggests CCCS-SF

March 2, 2004
Personal BKs Top 1.6 Million: Seek Counseling Before Filing, Say Experts

February 2, 2004
CCCS-SF Joins in National Consumer Protection Week

December 10, 2003
Avoid Foreclosure: Get Financial Counseling - Review Proves Long-Term Benefits of Professional Assistance

October 24, 2003
CCCS-SF Supports Credit Counseling Investigation

October 10, 2003
Having Children is Bankruptcy Predictor: CCCS-SF Offers Advice on How To Beat the BK Odds

August 15, 2003
When Shopping Therapy Isn't: CCCS-SF Offers Tips to Fight Debt-Related Depression

July 30, 2003
Consumer Confidence Down: Prudence Advised Spending and Debt Reduction Eases Soft Economy Fears, Says CCCS-SF

May 19, 2003
Help for Shrinking Paychecks Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco Offers Tips on How to Live on Less

December 04, 2002
Fairbanks Capital to Offer Counseling to Homeowners Through Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco

October 10, 2002
Language Gap for Homebuyers Closed CCCS of San Francisco Reaches Out To Spanish Speaking Community With First Time Homebuyers Workshop

August 20, 2002
CCCS Offers Help for the Checking Account Challenged

August 13, 2002
Back-to-School Savings for Your Household Budget

July 1, 2002
CCCS of San Francisco offers Consumer Tips for Removing Credit and Money Barriers to Homeownership

February 6, 2002
Nonprofit Helps Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure: Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco Awarded $5,000 PMI Grant for Homeowner Education Program

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