Sample Hardship Letter to a Creditor

October 16, 2005

ABC Credit Company
1234 Main Street
Anywhere, USA 54321

Dear Creditor:

Due to a layoff, I am temporarily unemployed and, as a result, am experiencing financial difficulties. I have analyzed my current situation with the help of Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco (if applicable).

After making a strict budget for my expenses, I find it necessary that I ask each creditor to accept a reduced payment for the next three months. By then, I expect to be back at work full-time.

I would appreciate your cooperation in making this payment plan work. In place of the regular payment of $80, I request that you accept payments of $30 per month during this emergency. I will pay before the 30th of the month.

You can be sure that I will resume normal payments as soon as possible. Thank you for your consideration. If there are any changes in my situation, I will notify you of them as soon as possible.

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