Welcome to Your Next Move, a personal financial management course approved by the Executive Office for U.S. Trustees to fulfill the requirements for pre-discharge debtor education.

Your Next Move was developed by Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco to help consumers develop the necessary tools to rebuild after bankruptcy- and start over with a strong foundation in money management and the wise use of credit.

The choice to file bankruptcy is a difficult one. Certainly, being free of a heavy debt burden will be a relief – but it will have consequences. The credit damage associated with bankruptcy will most likely limit some of your financial options. You can, however, take advantage of this opportunity to make a fresh start in how you handle your personal finances. This course is designed to provide you the necessary tools to get on top – and stay on top – of your finances.

What to Expect
This is a self-guided web-based education program. As you proceed through the course, you will have an opportunity to set financial goals, develop a budget, plan for your future and get on track to master your money.

In order to successfully complete this program, you must spend a minimum of two hours reviewing the material. Throughout the material, you will find four separate tests on the content. An overall passing score of 70% will be required in order to receive a certificate of completion. If you do spend less than the required two hours on the program, or score lower than 70% on the tests, a follow-up telephone counseling session will be required in order for us to issue your certificate of completion.

The fee to complete the program is $35. This fee may be waived in cases of hardship. At the time of your program completion, you will be directed to call our offices to make payment. Once the payment is received, we will provide you a certificate of completion.

If you are married, and both you and your spouse ar filing bankruptcy, you must each complete the program separately in order for each of you to receive certificates of completion.

For questions, or to speak with a counselor, please call 800-777-7526.

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