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Debt Management
Online Worksheet
Pre-filing Counseling

Points to Remember for a Successful DMP

Month 1

  • Close accounts on the plan.
  • Change due dates with creditors to coincide with disbursement date. Due dates should be 14 days (minimum) after disbursement
  • Cancel any monthly insurance premiums or automated payments (health club, internet, etc.) being charged to credit card
  • Make your first payment by the due date you and your counselor choose.

Month 2

  • Review your creditor statements to make sure payments have posted.
  • Review to see if interest rate have been changed, if applicable.
  • Check if over limit and late fees have been eliminated, if applicable.
  • Remember it may take creditors a few months to set up your account and initiate concessions.

Month 3

  • Hang in there ... the first 3 months are the hardest!
  • Continue to review statements for payment, interest charges, etc.

Month 4

  • Send a copy of your creditor statements to our office.
  • Continue to review statements for accuracy.

Month 5

  • Continue to review statements for accuracy.
  • Continue to send copies of your monthly statements each quarter.
  • Look at the progress you’ve made toward becoming debt free!

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