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Learning about money is as important as earning it. Just about everyone could learn more about how to manage income, handle a budget, read a credit report, buy a house, and achieve their economic goals. To browse, select one of the ten subjects below:
Money Management
Credit and Debt
Credit Reports and Scores


  1. Advantages And Disadvantages of FHA Loans
  2. The Basics of Mortgages
  3. Beware Predatory Lending
  4. Breaking Your Lease
  5. Buying A Duplex Pluses And Minuses
  6. Buying a Home Sold through Short Sale or Foreclosure
  7. Buy or Rent?
  8. Choosing a Realtor That is Right For You
  9. The Consequences of Strategic Default
  10. Debt To Income Ratios Can Derail Your Home Purchase
  11. Early Delinquency Intervention: Saving Your Home From Foreclosure (MINI-SITE)
  12. Examining the Home Inspection Process
  13. The Eviction Process
  14. Fall Back In Love with your Home
  15. First Time Homebuying Mistakes To Avoid (Part II)
  16. The Five-Step Mortgage Management Plan: What to Do if You're Over Your Head
  17. Fix your Home Repair and Maintenance Plan
  18. Foreclosure Rescue Scams
  19. Guide to Renting
  20. A Guide to Reverse Mortgages (MINI-SITE)
  21. A Home Downsizing Self-Quiz
  22. Housing Decisions After a Divorce
  23. How to Find a Real Estate Attorney
  24. Interest-only Mortgage: Boon or Bust?
  25. Is It Time To Refinance Your Home Mortgage?
  26. Life After Foreclosure (MINI-SITE)
  27. Lowering Your Property Taxes
  28. Making Home Affordable Program
  29. Making Your Home Green to Save Green
  30. Mortgage Down Payment Gift Rules
  31. National Mortgage Settlement: What it Means to You
  32. Negotiating The Best Home Purchase Deal
  33. Preparing Your Finances for Homeownership
  34. Questions To Ask About Property Taxes Before You Buy
  35. Rapid Rescoring
  36. Remodeling on a Budget
  37. Renters' Rights in Foreclosures
  38. Reverse Mortgages
  39. The Road to Homeownership (MINI-SITE)
  40. Saving for Home Ownership
  41. Saying "I Do" to Homeownership: How to Make the Most of this Very Important Relationship
  42. Strong-arm Your ARM: How to Prepare for Rising Interest Rates
  43. Taking Advantage of a Slow Housing Market
  44. Tips for Talking to a Mortgage Servicer about Avoiding Foreclosure
  45. Using Home Equity
  46. Why You Should Have Renters Insurance
  47. Your Next Move: Life After Foreclosure (PDF)
Planning for the Future
Identity Theft and Fraud
Legal Issues
Teens and Money
Senior Issues
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